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Viking River Cruises

An invitation to travel with Chris on a wonderful Danube Cruise in 2019! We have a great show this week as we explore one of the most civilized ways you can find to travel - European river cruising. We are going to be taking a virtual cruise on the beautiful Danube River from Passau in Germany to Budapest in Hungary, discovering Austria and Slovakia along the way. And it gets even better – you can travel FOR REAL on this wonderful Danube cruise in April next year. And there are some fabulous discounted rates for Travel Show listeners – find out more at


This week the Travel Show takes you to the Southern Caribbean gem of Barbados. Barbados is different to other Caribbean island destinations. Geographically it lies in the Windward Islands of the West Indies, apart from the arc of other islands and a little further out into the wild Atlantic. While it's justifiably famed for its fantastic beaches, fine powdery sand and brilliant turquoise bays, you’ll find crashing surf on the lonely east coast. The capital Bridgetown with its historic British Garrison dates back to the 17th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s people, its culture and its history are all very distinct. 2018 is the Year of Culinary Experiences in Barbados – which means delicious festivals and foodie events all year long.

Cancun, Mexico

This week the Travel Show heads to the sunshine of Mexico and Cancun - the place where Mexico’s tourism industry really began. Nowadays, Cancun is where you will find the very best shopping, dining, sports, wellness, entertainment and nightlife in all of Mexico. It’s a destination for everyone, from family groups to couples and from beach fanatics to golfers and active soft-adventurers. Cancun is also the perfect launch pad for wonders such as the UNESCO World Heritage Mayan site of Chichen Itza and for eco adventure like snorkeling with whale sharks. Stay in the most luxurious resorts in the whole of Mexico, in urban chic or quieter family-oriented hotels. Transat have flights 7 days a week and a choice of 35 hotels from 3-star family hotels to 5-star adults only resorts that are the epitome of luxury. All in great value all-inclusive packages.

Britain and Ireland

This week on the Travel Show we are exploring England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and beyond to soak up some European ambiance. These are destinations where you can wrap yourself in history and culture – what’s not to love about sleeping in a castle or exploring medieval buildings? The cuisine, the people, the landscapes are all so fascinating. And some of us may also have family ties that bind us to Europe. This week Chris’ expert guest is the CEO of CIE Tours, a vacation company that specializes in Britain and Ireland and which has recently added cruises and tours in Eastern Europe and Italy. It’s all backed by 86 years of experience – so you can imagine the depth of knowledge about these wonderful destinations that they contribute.

Ireland & Go Ahead Tours

This week on the Travel Show – a special invitation to accompany Chris on a trip to Ireland! The trip departs on September 22, 2018 for a 10 day tour of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. The tour itinerary is carefully crafted by the experts at EF Go Ahead Tours so that you will see some of Ireland’s most stunning coastal scenery, unique towns and villages – and most exciting of all – meet the Irish people! Come on a virtual tour from your radio to discover the delights of the Irish landscapes, cuisine and culture. For more information on the opportunity to accompany Chris to Ireland on this tour call the experts at Go Ahead Tours on 1-888-986-1907 or visit

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