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Whales in the Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy – a wonder of nature!

This week Chris is on location in one of his favorite destinations - New Brunswick! It’s a place of Natural Wonder, with ancient mountains, Canada’s most storied river, great stretches of sand dunes, the warmest saltwater beaches in Canada and the famous Bay of Fundy - home of the World’s Highest Tides.

At the Bay of Fundy you can leave your footprints on the ocean floor and then six hours later, kayak above the very same spot. It’s the only Canadian finalist nominated in the global “New 7 Wonders of Nature” campaign – and you can add your support at www.votemyfundy.com.

Chris will be broadcasting from the Hopewell Rocks Interpretive Centre. It’s the best place to explore The Bay of Fundy as it is easy to walk on the ocean floor at low tide to admire the rock formations created by the force of the tide. And then at high tide you can also kayak around the bay to what some have named the “flower pot rocks” – all as you take in the marine life and area shorebirds.

At the Bay of Fundy’s newest attraction, Stonehammer Geopark, you can explore 60 geosites, ranging from Lepreau Falls in the west, to Fundy Trail Parkway in the east, to Norton and Hampstead in the north. The park includes geological stories from late Precambrian time a billion years ago to the most recent Ice Age, and almost everything in-between. The fascinating landscape of Stonehammer Geopark has been created by the collision of continents and the closing and opening of oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes, ice ages and climate change.

Hike the Fundy Trail, carved out of the Fundy escarpment and one of the last remaining coastal wilderness areas between Florida and Labrador. Or explore over 120 km of walking and hiking trails in Fundy National Park. Plan a whale-watching excursion to see the many species of whales that play in the bay, rappel at Cape Enrage or book a Bay of Fundy Tour to make certain you don’t miss a thing.

New Brunswick Trip Showcase

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Saturday July 23, 2011
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