Top 10 Hidden Gems

Chris’ personal picks from places in the world that he has visited.

Kefalonia - Greece: Of all of the many Greek Islands I have visited, this is my favourite. It’s the largest Ionian island, its quiet, relaxed, unspoiled and quintessentially Greek.

Corsica - France: A wonderful mixture of French good living and spectacular scenery, this island hideaway is truly a Mediterranean gem. Very special!

Kashmir - India: An exotic, little visited mountain Shangri-La in the northwest of India. Political troubles cannot detract from the unique experience of staying on a Victorian Houseboat floating on a lake with Himalayan peaks reflected in the water.

Tasmania - Australia: This island state is a world apart. Its weird and wonderful wildlife includes the Tasmanian Devil and Fairy Penguins in an ecological wonderland.

Pittsburgh - USA: Who knew? Steel City has metamorphosed into a funky, active, green, fun, scenic destination with some of the best museums and cultural attractions in the US.

Lamu - Kenya: The oldest town in Kenya envelops you in history and Swahili culture. Time slows to walking pace here; enjoy beaches on the Indian Ocean and rich local hospitality .

Pokhara - Nepal: The area around this city in western Nepal is full of grand natural attractions: Phewa Lake, the Annapurna Range, great river gorges and spectacular waterfalls.

Copacabana - Bolivia: A world removed from its popular namesake in Brazil, this unique small town nestles on a bay on Lake Titicaca close to the sacred islands of the Incas.

Northamptonshire - UK: My home county, so forgive my partisanship! This is not on any highlights tour of the UK but its green, rolling, hedgerow veined countryside is studded with honey-stoned historic villages.

Riga - Latvia: Capital of Latvia on the Baltic coast, this fascinating city has retained so much of its history and architecture that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.