Top 10 Family Favourites

Chris’ personal picks from places in the world that he has visited.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:  Plain, honest-to-goodness, wholesome fun for everyone! It starts with the Grand Strand, 100kms of beaches fronting the Atlantic, and continues with oodles of family-focused accommodation, dining and entertainment, sprinkled with natural beauty and historic sites for some ‘edu-fun’ as well.

Lyksela, Lapland:  Taking a wide-eyed 4 year old to a land where the sun creeps over the horizon for just an hour to illuminate Santa Claus, sleigh, reindeer and Xmas presents – is a very special experience for kids and parents alike. We did it in Swedish Lapland near the Arctic Circle, but there are many other similar options in the North.

Safari, Kenya:  No, I haven’t gone completely ga-ga…A safari in the wilds of Kenyan East Africa is the most amazing – and safe – experience for youngsters. Their sense of wonder when you encounter a Big Cat in its natural environment spills over to the parents and will confirm in them forever a respect for Mother Nature.

Orlando, Florida:  It’s difficult to top the combination of four Disney, three SeaWorld and two Universal theme parks that could happily occupy most families for a month. But there’s plenty of off-park fun for families here too: three water parks, and more than 80 other attractions offering astronauts to zoos and everything in between.

Prince Edward Island:  Forget Anne of Green Gables, forget the famous golf courses…in fact, forget everything, because this is the place for families to slow down, to leave the world of BlackBerries and electronic games behind and just enjoy each other’s company on pure beaches, pretty byways and church hall lobster suppers.

Greek Islands: No people love children more than the Greeks! Choose almost any of the myriads of islands scattered across the Aegean Sea, add a small taverna or whitewashed villa and maybe a ferry trip or two and you have the perfect recipe for a warm, all-embracing family experience that will always be treasured.

Club Med Sandpiper, Florida:  My children have experienced Kids’ Clubs in resorts all over the world. Only one was so successful that I ended up pleading for my son to spend some time, any time, with me because he was so captivated by the staff and the facilities at Club Med’s famous resort on the Saint Lucie River.

Fort Henry, Kingston: The wonderfully enthusiastic way in which the team at this place bring it to vibrant life works superbly for all ages. It’s participatory, it’s colourful, it’s true to its heritage and it fired a passionate historical imagination and interest in Canadian history in my youngster.

Smugglers Notch, Vermont:  There’s a reason why this small ski resort has won every award out there for best skiing for families: nowhere better caters for tots in the snow, for teaching children how to ski and to love skiing, and for giving grown-ups some skiing time for themselves too. It’s pretty good in summer as well!

RV Touring, Yukon:  Perhaps our most successful Canadian family holiday was spent touring spectacular Yukon in an RV as big as a house. The kids were comfortable in their home from home and we could – and did – travel where our fancy led us, most memorably to a night in the Tombstone Mountains on the famous Dempster Highway.