By chris on 3/7/2014

I have been travelling in the last week of February right across South Wales, experiencing the sights and sounds of this land of poets and meeting the people that make it such a special place to visit. So join me on a journey through this small but perfect country where the daffodils and primroses already herald a sparkling spring.
By chris on 4/24/2012
  Ireland is one of my favourite destinations and its people top my friendliest folk list (see my top 10 list). So when the opportunity arose to spend a few days on a Trafalgar tour called Irish Highlights - I jumped at it.
By chris on 4/24/2012
  I broadcast the Travel show from Belfast in Northern Ireland on the 100th anniversary to the day of the tragedy of Titanic’s maiden voyage.  A momentous occasion and a memorable travel experience…
By chris on 3/25/2007
  England and Wales are wonderful destinations in the Spring. I look forward to the Travel Show on CFRB on April 7, 2007 when we will talk more about them.